EduLive App is a Web Based Education management system deals with Schools and handles live interaction with Teachers and Student about the training. By electronically storing, organizing, indexing and filing the educational events and interaction between teachers and students. They can be interacted when required, without any loss of time.

  • It brings total classroom to your desktop and enables you to work with them, eliminating the need in person visit.
  • It is a powerful system, to access training documents, faster access to them and huge cost savings
  • Access Courses/study material/videos according to the class/course chosen at the time of registration.

This technology will enable you to manage Access Courses/study material/videos according to the class/course chosen at the time of registration, Create and Manage Text Chat groups, Video-chat with students,upload study materials in Various formats. Documents are electronic and can be retrieved easily for quick reference. This Application is used mainly on Educational Sectors Schools,Teacher/Students.

Many educational institutions have online sites for prospective and current students to register for classes, apply for financial aid, and request information.

  • Although electronic forms have helped with the processing of paperwork, if students need help with these forms, they cannot get help without sending emails or making phone calls.
  • Provide Support live chat software solves such problems by allowing administration staff and Teacher to chat with Students in real-time via text-messaging in a private chat window, allowing them to reach out to students who need assistance. Live chat allows staff to quickly help current and prospective students filling out online forms and seeking information. Answering questions online is much more time efficient than employees taking telephone call after telephone call.
  • Provide Support live chat software is very easy to use. When students need help or request information, they click on a Live Assistance button on the website, which opens a private message window. The student fills in the pre-defined information fields, adds a question, and then clicks on the “Start Chat” button. The staff member receives the chat request, reviews the information, and decides whether to accept. If the request is accepted, the staff member and student communicate with each other via real-time text messaging.
  • Administrative staff can also transfer chats to staff in other departments that are better able to answer specific questions. Other staff can join a chat. All chats between the administrator and visitor are private and cannot be seen by other visitors to the site.
  • Provide Support Live Help enables staff to give immediate live assistance to current and prospective students and imparts a modern, professional image to user.

Save time and money

Forget about manually attending the classes with teacher, With Edu LiveApp, you can dramatically reduce printing, storage and Trevelling costs

Attend from anywhere

Whether you’re a Student or Teacher, EduLive App makes document management easy. The system is web-based, which means you can access, use and share files from the any location, at home or the road. That gives you the freedom and flexibility to get work done no matter where you are.

Import files from anywhere

EduLive App connects to web applications so you can electronically store existing IBM i/iSeries and PC files, emails, faxes, and content generated from your App or other back-end systems.

EduLive App helps Teachers to:

  • Text-chat with students (only upon invite by student/s)
  • Video-chat with students (on student’s request)
  • Upload study material in pdf / docx / ppt/ mp4 format. (admin/school would approve the uploaded material)
  • Upload study material in pdf / docx / ppt / mp4 format. (admin/school would approve the uploaded material)
  • After each video session the teacher may be allowed to grade the student

Database Connectivity

Allow admin to use database through provided interfaces.


The application will use Open Source Web Server(nodeJS) for Development and deployment purpose.