Dr. Sateesh Salpekar

Chief Technology Officer of Company

As a Chief Technology Officer, I find it exciting working alongside customers, understanding the target market to deliver our projects to our customers. Some of my primary duties are to work alongside the product team within the organization and lead the innovation and engineering departments from a technical front.

In addition, I also overlook the engagement with our external technology partners to ensure we utilize the most cutting-edge technologies to provide seamless services to our clients.As CTO, I'm responsible for defining policies and procedures for the technologies and setting up an innovation R&D lab for our enthusiastic engineers to work on some proof-of-concept within Techgroup America.

In partnership with the data architect, we perform a detailed cost-benefit analysis to gauge the future need of the organization. Overall, as a strategic thinker, I ensure that the technical requirements are aligned directly with the expectations of our clients and the vision of our organization.